TNS foundation


The Thousand Brightest Suns foundation (TNS) has functioned in Gdańsk since 1992. According to the aims laid down by its statute, the foundation supports and organises affairs, mainly of an artistic and cultural character. It obtains new places for expositions of modern art and reveals new artistic phenomena by giving financial support to artistic activity. The foundation's tutelage concerns a wide variety of artistic phenomena; beginning with traditional sculpture, painting and para-theatrical performances, through a contemporary invention of art of spatial installations, object and video, to the performance art and improvised progressive music. Apart from being a promoter of young artists and artistic events, the foundation is also a publisher of printed texts and CD-ROMs as well. Marek Rogulski is a leader of foundation since 1992.


In 1992-1993 the foundation TNS was the promoter and co-operative of the gallery C14~~~ situated in the former Community Assembly Hall in 3, Saint Barbara Street in Dolne Miasto in Gdańsk . In 1993-1994 the foundation contributed to the creation of Open Atelier by organising the licensing of the Open Atelier Foundation in the building of the prior City Baths in 1, Jaskółcza Street. As the gallery Auto Da Fe (this gallery was conducted by TNS within the Open Atelier), the foundation supported financially as well as arranging on its own many expositions there. At present, the site is occupied by CSW Łaźnia.

Since 1994 the foundation has organised and financed the activity of the gallery Spichrz 7, which changed its name and place to Spiż 7 in 113, Chmielna Street, after having entered the Cyberspace of the Internet in 1996 . In its new abode the gallery has at its disposal the place for expositions and atelier of 500m 2 altogether. Here it organises displays of modern art and holds musical concerts. Among tens of various actions, it produced 5 documentary films for the programs 1 and 2 of TVP. In 1994 the foundation prepared its own program for the program 2 of TVP as well as initiating several all-Polish artistic events, e.g. the exhibition cycle Towards Apocalypse, which began in 1997 and Beyond Postmodernism project. Many artists from the most essential artistic centres in Poland participated in this event.

At present, the actions of the foundation concentrate on the current expositional and publishing activity. It presents works and achievements of artists from Poland , the graduates of the Academy of Art in Gdańsk , artists active in the contemporary forms of artistic expression like: performance art, spatial installations art, video art, sculpture, and also improvised music.

Since 2000 The foundation is organising the festivals of contemporary improvisation music. Since 2005 the foundation is organising the international edition - the European Festival of Contemporary Improvisation Music in Gdańsk.

Since 2000 the foundation is organising and help in the realisation of the artistic project called Beyond Postmodernism. Marek Rogulski, the author of the project presents it's own vision of transgression of contemporary interpretations of the meaning of the culture. The project is based on the works of world authorities of cultural anthropogy, transpersonal psychology and contemporary art and theory. It shows new perspectives for interpretation the rules and meanings of culture and art activity.