Below, the names of places, where the TNS Foundation organised the gallerys or other artistic events, are listed:

since 1992


C 14 gallery 1991-1992.......... C14

Open Atelier and Auto da fe gallery 1992 - 1994 ............ Open atelier & Auto da fe

The Center of the Research on the Internal Space since 1994 ........ The centre

Historical Substratum- the history of the TNS foundation, the New Gdansk's School and gallery Spiż 7 in Gdańsk

Spichrz 7 gallery 1995 -1997

Spiż 7 gallery since 1995


artistic groups & events

Actions of Rogulus in postglacial forests near Gdansk since 1983

Pampers Maxi group 1998 -1990

Ziemia Mindel Wurm group 1990 -1992

The thousand of the brightests suns group 1992 -1995

Beyond Postmodernism project, since 2000:

realizations of the artist invited to a project.....realisations of Marek Rogulski Rogulus